Not exactly the easter bunny.

Say hello to Sunshine.
This is apparently my neighbors cat, who suddenly decided that she would like to have two homes. It just so happens that she picked ours, and seems to be entirely unfazed that there are already four cats here, all rather perturbed by her bold invasion.

After spending hours on my back deck trying to find a way in yesterday, she disappeared. I let my guard down, opened the back door to let some air in and next thing I know she's my new best friend, all up in my stuff, trying to sleep on my face.

She finally left around 2am. This morning while I was in the shower, she broke in again, my mother found her eating at the kibble bowl. Now she's napping next to me. She's probably the tiniest full grown cat I've ever seen. I guess this helps her to be sneaky.

In the words of Policecop, 9 cats, 8 cats...what's the difference?
The difference is that I feel as if I am being pushed into crazy cat lady territory against my own will. And that is kind of a big deal...

So anyway happy easter to all! I'm kicking myself for forgetting to get a box of peeps.

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