Plymouth: You are cute, but not that cute.

The search has officially started for a sweet new apartment for my Peanut and I.
We zeroed in on Plymouth and chose the most scatterbrained, unavailable real estate agent in the area, as it turns out. She works part time as a dental hygienist and basically never returns our calls. I understand that you've got to do what it takes to make ends meet in this crazy economy, but Brenda sucks at doing two things at once.

Today we went to our first open-house deal, our lovely agent showing up in primary blue scrubs, without a proper key.

None the less, we were very excited having found this crazy massive old house converted into apartments during our photographic expedition the day before (as seen above). The rent: $800/month with all utilities included...right across from the harbor, beach views, parking...
It sounded perfect until we actually saw the room. Which was basically the size of my current tiny bedroom with no real closet, no bathtub, no kitchen area...
So apparently for $800/month in Plymouth one is forced to make the tough decision of having a bed or an oven. Because having both would surely result in a terrible house fire. Unless they sell under-bed oven units at Ikea. I think not. And oh yeah...dishes? You have to do them in the bathroom sink.

It boggles my mind that I had a studio of nearly the same exact size only with the plus of a huge bath tub, massive storage closet, kitchenette area and a balcony for approximately $275/month...in one of the most crowded countries in the world...in the middle of the city...five minutes walking distance from the train station...

So in conclusion, I have decided to take the reins from our dental hygienist/real estate agent and broaden our search to other towns, in order to find the apartment palace of our wildest dreams. In the end, we may not have an ocean view, but with the money saved we will probably be able to buy a 20x20 foot extremely realistic oil painting of the most beautiful sunset anyone has ever seen in the Maldives, done by Vermeer. Compromise is key.

I am determined beyond all reason to find a place and transform it into Selby worthy material. I don't need much to do this but the place we saw today screamed of sad stories in the style of Angela's Ashes...two people could not live together in that space without turning against each other in two days.

So the search is on for practicality, bang for buck and potential.
Wish me luck.

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